After I did a presentation on LGBT issues, I realized there’s a whole lot of dialogue waiting to happen out there. I don’t know the best way to keep that going, but I thought we could start here. I’ll post some topics below. Click on a topic that interests you and discuss by posting in the comment section of that topic. To suggest new topics, write a comment on this page.

Join us now:

Your story

Creating safe spaces in small towns

Fixing our culture

Inclusive schools

Question and answer


2 Responses to Discussion

  1. Kaitlyn P. says:

    Hi! I was at your lecture this weekend about LGBT in the Bible Belt. We had a lot of great conversation about how to help end oppression by spreading awareness to those in the dark. I want to help other straights understand the gay culture and learn through a forum of some sort. Do you know any way that we could come up with common questions and answers so that I could help without spreading misinformation?

  2. sharilea17 says:

    Kaitlyn!! The first person to post from the presentation!! Thanks for coming and thanks for engaging!! Are you looking for something like myths and facts? For instance, is it true you can choose to be gay or are you born that way? Sort of like challenging the stereotypes? If this is what you’re looking for, I have a lot of friends who can share their experiences. We can post a discussion topic on here, have people respectfully ask their questions, and I’ll have people share their stories. In my experience, the best education I’ve gotten is from members of the community.

    Also, you may want to talk to your faculty and ask them to request a panel for your class. Panels will have about 3-4 people who identify as LGBTQP, etc. They tell a little about their experience and then there is plenty of time to ask questions. I love having panels in my class! Here’s the link: http://glbt.appstate.edu/education-support/educational-resources/lgbta-panels

    Let me get that discussion started on here right now! Thanks again for being engaged in this conversation!!!

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