Raising Privileged Kids

I’m raising two white boys who will grow up with a lot of privilege. That’s a big responsibility. Not only do I have to examine my own privilege, I have to provide opportunities for them to do that also.

Of course, dinner time and rides in the car are always filled with social justice topics. I’m always asking questions like: Why do you think people think it’s not okay for our friends to get married? How do you think your friend feels when they are always the one not being included? What are some things you can do to include them? What should you do if someone is being mean to someone else? What are some things you can say to stick up for someone who is being bullied? What color do you want me to paint your toes? Why do you think that adult thought you wouldn’t want that pink bracelet? Why do you think that someone would call the police on someone just because they are black? What do you think about religion? How do you think the world works?

At some point, we need to provide some good opportunities for them to be confronted with their privilege. What are some things that you have done? Or if you don’t want or have kids, you still have good ideas. Share.

My babies might be my only chance to save this world. Help me out! What would you do?

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