Introducing Ms. Anonymous

Because I am so biased, I thought it was important to get another perspective about this oppression stuff. I have this friend who currently has a very conservative faith and job, but at some points in her life she had a pretty liberal faith and job. She’s seen the best and worst at both ends of the spectrum so I asked her to share her perspective as a guest blogger. Because she has friends on both sides of the bias spectrum, she has faced a lot of grief throughout the recent political nightmare in this state. She has a lot to say and this will be her safe place to say it for a little bit. And since NC hasn’t been such a safe place for her lately, we’ll call her Ms. Anonymous. Here she goes:

I’m gonna love you through this, North Carolina.

First, I refuse to accept or believe that the majority of North Carolinian’s voted for Amendment One because they are discriminating against others. I truly believe, as Shari said, that this is because people believe in one specific definition of marriage.

Second, I would like to talk about what the main argument is in this entire debate. Love. Who loves who and loving other people regardless of their personal choices. Take away your point of view and think of it in these simple terms. If this is a debate about love, why is there so much hate towards someone who thinks differently than you do? The problem is there hasn’t been enough education of oppression or even education of a Christian worldview. People think they understand the Christian worldview, but when your commercials just mention the Bible and nothing about accepting others regardless of their choices, it makes your argument weak. Both sides of this argument had a great chance to educate each other about why they think the way they do. But people get tired and bored and frustrated with it. This was the perfect opportunity to plant those seeds in the minds and hearts of those who have never been exposed to a diverse worldview. Unfortunately, it did not happen. I never saw one commercial about LGBT equality. There was a huge focus on other potential ripple effects from Amendment One – like children’s healthcare and domestic violence laws, etc. Why did this happen?

Is North Carolina really that scary of a place for people to start these conversations? This state voted for Obama. This state can never make up its mind politically because party lines really don’t exist here. What DOES exist, overwhelmingly, is individual thought. Voters here aren’t dumb – they can make up their minds if they’re given enough information. Whoever ran the “against” campaign did a huge disservice to LGBT individuals and to the country by not bringing LGBT issues to the forefront of the argument. Civil rights in the 50’s and 60’s weren’t understood until people stood up and fought for them. The same will continue to be true of LGBT rights. This was a perfect opportunity for a true conversation to begin!

Back to love. How do we teach others about these issues if we can’t love them? People are taught best when taught with love. Keep this in mind when discussing these issues. Hateful language does nothing but anger others. Even if the language of Amendment One is hateful, some people don’t realize that and won’t until they have a slow and intentional conversation. Things won’t change in just one conversation, so until then, you’ve gotta love them through it. Slow and steady wins the race.

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